IRC framework

A cross-platform IRC framework written with Qt.

Communi provides a set of tools for enabling IRC connectivity in Qt-based C++ and QML applications.


Version Date Comments
3.7.0 2021‑12‑18 Qt 6 support, improved capability management, and bug fixes.
3.6.0 2020‑10‑29 Loads of fixes, eliminated Qt deprecation warnings, and removed any bundled code that was MPL-licensed.
3.5.0 2016‑11‑20 Adds support for IRCv3.2 batch messages , debug levels and filters , and a number of new convenience properties to various classes in the IrcCore module.
3.4.0 2015‑07‑19 Adds support for most of the IRCv3.2 extensions .
3.3.0 2014‑12‑29 Adds support for specifying multiple servers and nick names for connections, introduces new convenient message types to avoid having to handle numeric messages, and improves connection/model state saving and restoring.
3.2.0 2014‑08‑09 The framework has been relicensed from LGPL to more liberal BSD. No new major features, but a number of smaller improvements and new convenient properties, methods and signals across the modules.
3.1.1 / 3.0.3 2014‑05‑17 Improves the 3.1 and 3.0 series further by bringing a few minor bug fixes to namespaced builds and the configure script.
3.1.0 2014‑03‑12 Introduces new features including state saving for connections and models, support for IRCv3.2 message tags , an auto-completer for GUI clients, and various new properties across the framework.
3.0.2 2014‑02‑02 Fixes minor issues found during the development of IRC for Sailfish .
3.0.1 2013‑11‑22 Brings a bunch of bug fixes, including a fix to a potential crash and a missing export macro.
3.0.0 2013‑10-20 Features modularized libraries , full QML compatibility , namespace support and more.
2.2.0 2013‑08-13 Introduces loads of new features, including convenient model classes for keeping track of channels and users, a command parsing utility and support for SASL authentication.
2.1.1 2013‑06‑02 Fixes an insignificant memory leak, and brings some minor bug fixes and improvements to the build system and docs.
2.1.0 2013‑05‑20 Introduces support for message filtering, connection lag measurement, and composed messages (MOTD & NAMES implemented so far).
2.0.1 2013‑04‑26 A few important bug fixes.
2.0.0 2013‑03‑15 Focuses on easier deployment and provides a bunch of new features whilst cleaning up classes and methods that were deprecated in the 1.x series.
1.2.2 2013‑01‑05 Fixes support for Qt 5.0.0 final, SSL connections and automatic CTCP reply handling.
1.2.1 2012‑12‑03 Delivers some important bug fixes and performance improvements.
1.2.0 2012‑10‑07 Brings support for Qt5, IRC message capabilities and a refactored message encoding detection system.
1.1.2 2012‑09‑05 Brings some fixes to docs and examples.
1.1.1 2012‑08‑13 Mainly contains important build system bug fixes and improvements.
1.1.0 2012‑08‑06 Introduces new features and contains bug fixes to the 1.0.x series.
1.0.0 2011‑11‑12 A major rewrite of former LibIrcClient-Qt.


Communi is free software; you can redistribute and/or modify it under the terms of the BSD license.


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