Communi  3.0.0
A cross-platform IRC framework written with Qt
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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
oNIrcMiscellaneous identifiers used throughout the library
oCIrcBufferKeeps track of buffer status
oCIrcBufferModelKeeps track of buffers
oCIrcCapabilityMessageRepresents a capability message
oCIrcChannelKeeps track of channel status
oCIrcCommandProvides the most common commands
oCIrcCommandFilterProvides an interface for filtering commands
oCIrcCommandParserParses commands from user input
oCIrcConnectionProvides means to establish a connection to an IRC server
oCIrcErrorMessageRepresents an error message
oCIrcInviteMessageRepresents an invite message
oCIrcJoinMessageRepresents a join message
oCIrcKickMessageRepresents a kick message
oCIrcLagTimerProvides a timer for measuring lag
oCIrcMessageThe base class of all messages
oCIrcMessageFilterProvides an interface for filtering messages
oCIrcModeMessageRepresents a mode message
oCIrcMotdMessageRepresents a message of the day
oCIrcNamesMessageRepresents a names list message
oCIrcNetworkProvides network information and capability management
oCIrcNickMessageRepresents a nick message
oCIrcNoticeMessageRepresents a notice message
oCIrcNumericMessageRepresents a numeric message
oCIrcPaletteSpecifies a palette of IRC colors
oCIrcPartMessageRepresents a part message
oCIrcPingMessageRepresents a ping message
oCIrcPongMessageRepresents a pong message
oCIrcPrivateMessageRepresents a private message
oCIrcQuitMessageRepresents a quit message
oCIrcTextFormatProvides methods for text formatting
oCIrcTopicMessageRepresents a topic message
oCIrcUserKeeps track of user status on a channel
\CIrcUserModelKeeps track of channel users