Communi  3.4.0
A cross-platform IRC framework written with Qt
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CIrcAccountMessageRepresents an account notify message
 CIrcAwayMessageRepresents an away message
 CIrcBufferKeeps track of buffer status
 CIrcBufferModelKeeps track of buffers
 CIrcCapabilityMessageRepresents a capability message
 CIrcChannelKeeps track of channel status
 CIrcCommandProvides the most common commands
 CIrcCommandFilterProvides an interface for filtering commands
 CIrcCommandParserParses commands from user input
 CIrcCommandQueueProvides a flood protection queue for commands
 CIrcCompleterProvides command and name completion
 CIrcConnectionProvides means to establish a connection to an IRC server
 CIrcErrorMessageRepresents an error message
 CIrcHostChangeMessageRepresents a host change message
 CIrcInviteMessageRepresents an invite message
 CIrcJoinMessageRepresents a join message
 CIrcKickMessageRepresents a kick message
 CIrcLagTimerProvides a timer for measuring lag
 CIrcMessageThe base class of all messages
 CIrcMessageFilterProvides an interface for filtering messages
 CIrcModeMessageRepresents a mode message
 CIrcMotdMessageRepresents a message of the day
 CIrcNamesMessageRepresents a names list message
 CIrcNetworkProvides network information and capability management
 CIrcNickMessageRepresents a nick message
 CIrcNoticeMessageRepresents a notice message
 CIrcNumericMessageRepresents a numeric message
 CIrcPaletteSpecifies a palette of IRC colors
 CIrcPartMessageRepresents a part message
 CIrcPingMessageRepresents a ping message
 CIrcPongMessageRepresents a pong message
 CIrcPrivateMessageRepresents a private message
 CIrcProtocolImplements the IRC protocol and provides means for implementing support for custom protocols
 CIrcQuitMessageRepresents a quit message
 CIrcTextFormatProvides methods for text formatting
 CIrcTopicMessageRepresents a topic message
 CIrcUserKeeps track of user status on a channel
 CIrcUserModelKeeps track of channel users
 CIrcWhoisMessageRepresents a reply message to a WHOIS command
 CIrcWhoReplyMessageRepresents a reply message to a WHO command
 CIrcWhowasMessageRepresents a reply message to a WHOWAS command