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IrcInviteMessage Class Reference

Represents an invite message.

Inherits IrcMessage.

Public Member Functions

Q_INVOKABLE IrcInviteMessage (IrcConnection *connection)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IrcMessage
Q_INVOKABLE IrcMessage (IrcConnection *connection)
virtual ~IrcMessage ()
QByteArray encoding () const
Q_INVOKABLE QByteArray toData () const


QString channel
bool reply
QString user
- Properties inherited from IrcMessage
QString account
QString command
IrcConnection connection
Flags flags
QString host
QString ident
IrcNetwork network
QString nick
bool own
QStringList parameters
QString prefix
QVariantMap tags
QDateTime timeStamp
Type type
bool valid

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from IrcMessage
enum  Flag {
  None = 0x00, Own = 0x01, Identified = 0x02, Unidentified = 0x04,
  Playback = 0x08, Implicit = 0x10
enum  Type {
  Unknown, Capability, Error, Invite,
  Join, Kick, Mode, Motd,
  Names, Nick, Notice, Numeric,
  Part, Ping, Pong, Private,
  Quit, Topic, WhoReply, Account,
  Away, Whois, Whowas, HostChange
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from IrcMessage
static Q_INVOKABLE IrcMessagefromData (const QByteArray &data, IrcConnection *connection)
static Q_INVOKABLE IrcMessagefromParameters (const QString &prefix, const QString &command, const QStringList &parameters, IrcConnection *connection)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IrcInviteMessage::IrcInviteMessage ( IrcConnection connection)

Constructs a new IrcInviteMessage with connection.

Property Documentation

QString IrcInviteMessage::channel

This property holds the channel in question.

Access function:
bool IrcInviteMessage::reply

This property holds whether the message is a reply.

Invite messages are sent in three situations:

  • as a notification of a received invitation (false),
  • as a reply when sending an invitation (true), or
  • as an invite notification when the invite-notify capability is enabled (false).
Access function:
  • bool isReply() const
See also
Irc::RPL_INVITING, Irc::RPL_INVITED, IrcInviteCommand, IRCv3 support
QString IrcInviteMessage::user

This property holds the user in question.

Access function:
See also
IRCv3 support